Stonecup corn


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This cup is a product of the wOrk collection, a cultural collaboration between the Netherlands and China. The matte, gray clay and the organic shape give the cup a stone look. The inside has a glossy glaze.


You can use the cups to drink from (each cup has 1 straight edge) but they are also very beautiful with a tea light in it.
Available in 5 colours.


Material: porcelain


Colour inside: light orange


Ø 7 cm
height: 7,5 cm


This product is dishwasher safe.



Olav Slingerland

All Olav Slingerland products are designed and handmade by himself. The possibilities of clay casting and the ceramic process started during his education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Several years ago, at the invitation of designer Xiaojie Zhu, he left for China to work together in his ceramics studio. The brand, wOrk, was created there. With wOrk, the designers from East and West show the richness of ceramics. wOrk's products are of exceptional quality, beautifully made with precious new techniques and combined with handicraft.
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