Bonsai cup- tulip

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The bonsai cups series is a Dutch design by designer Libo Li, born and raised in China.
The cups shapes are designed to stack perfectly in one another and create a range of complete bonsai.


The set includes 2 cups, available in 4 designs. A nice gift!


Material: porcelain


Colour: white – blue


Ø 8 cm,
height: 7 cm
volume: 175 ml


Dishwasher safe



Lilibo Design

Libo Li, currently living and working in Amsterdam, was born and raised in the mountains of mainland China. After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts and a major in ceramics, she was determined to set up a studio to create objects that are rich in tradition and history, while still functional and fun – the kind of work that can make people smile and laugh.

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