Long eared mug


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Ceramic mug made on the potters wheel with a white matte speckled (kievit) clay body and a long ear.


Material: stoneware


Colour: white-speckled


Ø  10 cm,
height: 7 cm


This product is dishwasher safe but handle with care


Note: as all products are handmade and due to temperature differences in the oven, all products are slightly different in size and colour, making each piece unique.




Lydia Elisabeth Pottery

Artist Lydia Elisabeth Pieksma from Friesland designs and creates ceramics, mostly according to the “wheel thrown” method. After finishing her studies at the Friesland College in Leeuwarden, she started working with clay and was inspired by a number of Frisian ceramics.
“ Clay is pure, earth- ierde, in Frisian”

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