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How decorative is this? A handmade glass vase for the wall. Very subtle with only a beautiful flower or a green twig. Also very decorative to hang these vases in the kitchen with your favorite herb.


With the included magnet with adhesive edge you can hang the vase almost anywhere in the house (water-based wall paint, wood, glass, metal and ceramic materials).A real eye-catcher for a greener interior, but also the ideal solution for small spaces.


Tip: also nice to give as a present. The vases are packed in a nice box, per 1 piece or per 3 pieces.


Material: glass
color: amber


Ø 1,6 cm
Height: 15 cm


Note: Wallflowers come with a separate magnet with self-adhesive tape that must be attached to the wall. Never let this magnet collide with the Wallflower’s magnet uncontrollably before you have attached it to the wall. The magnet can then shatter.





Muurbloempjes was founded in 2017 by the cheerful Elisa and Adinde from Utrecht. They do everything together for their small business, from design & production to sales & promotion. The Muurbloempjes are made by hand. Sustainability is of paramount importance. In this way,as few as possible machines are used during the manufacturing process. The packaging is also made of corrugated cardboard that bears the FSC quality mark. The material comes from a responsibly managed forest, the inks used contain no chemicals and the residual waste produced is completely recycled.
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