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This soft green stem glass combines the smooth texture of Eternal Snow with an atypical glassblown shape.


Tiny playful bubbles are visible in the base of the glass. A unique design by Bela Selva.


Material: glass


Colour: light green


Ø  6,3 cm
height: 9,5 cm


Dishwasher safe





Bela Silva for Serax

Although born and raised in Lisbon, we may well attribute the predicate ‘world citizen’ to the Portuguese artist Bela Silva. She studied in Portugal, the UK and the US and she explored all possible arts disciplines. Her work has shared the spotlight in exhibitions with that of Andy Warhol, and her tile art is popular from Brazil to Spain, across China and back to Portugal. Nowadays she commutes between Brussels and Lisbon, mainly focusing on her first love, ceramics.
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